I Choose Grace (Hope for Your Parenting Missteps)

“If you believe change is not possible when looking at a situation, you are deciding what God’s grace is capable of achieving.”  The message of God’s grace through Christ is the most beautiful gift any of us can ever possess—especially for those who have made significant mistakes along the way.  Though we may have regrets,… Read More I Choose Grace (Hope for Your Parenting Missteps)

A Sweet Aroma

“What is that smell?,” I asked as we picked up our 6-year old Pekingese from Grandma’s house recently.   Because the odor resembled burning rubber, my dear mother replied, “Maybe there was an issue with the vacuum belt.  It has given us trouble before.”  Uh, no.  Isaiah had in-fact had one of those dreaded “skunk encounters.” … Read More A Sweet Aroma